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The importance of attending ANZAC Day events in 2024

hy is it important to attend an ANZAC Day Event this year? Picture Shutterstock
hy is it important to attend an ANZAC Day Event this year? Picture Shutterstock

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On April 25 we remember our Australian and New Zealand servicemen and women who bravely embarked upon their first major military action in World War One.

The troops, sent in to help our British allies, went up against all odds with pride and bravery. But ahead of their trepidation was a united sense of mateship and camaraderie - the ANZAC spirit.

So why is it important to attend an ANZAC Day Event this year?

Here we help you to understand the significance of this iconic day in history.

Why do we acknowledge ANZAC Day?

The values of the ANZACs underpin those of Australian culture today. We remember so that we can reinvigorate a sense of national identity and unity, regardless of background or culture.

ANZAC day commemorations have become symbolic in acknowledging and showing gratitude for all servicemen and women. We pay respect to those who served in conflicts, both past and present, and pause to reflect on the real cost of war.

During the 1930's the Returned and Services League (RSL) prompted a shift in the ANZAC Day memorial service; from one of mourning to one of acknowledgement for living servicemen and women and commemoration of sacrifice.

Why should you attend an ANZAC Day event?

A sense of overwhelming pride and gratitude can be felt at ANZAC Day services. At these events, Australians from all walks of life can gather to feel united, and show respect to those who enable us to continue living the way of life we know and love.

The ANZAC Day dawn service holds particular significance; originating from the army's 'stand-to' routine occurring at dawn, when soldiers in the front line guarded their posts and attacks were prevalent. Troops associated the 'stand-to' routine with courage, endurance and mateship.

Australians attend services to:

  • Salute to the service of those who have worn our country's uniform
  • Recognise those who are currently serving overseas
  • Reflect on the impact that war has on families and communities

What kind of ANZAC Day services are there and how do I find one?

1. Dawn Service: most townships will be having a dawn service at their respective memorials

2. ANZAC Day Parade: People line the streets to pay respect to servicemen and women

3. Collingwood Vs. Essendon AFL match at MCG Stadium

4. ANZAC Prayer Service at local churches

5. ANZAC Day Ceremonies including the reading of The Ode from the 1914 poem, 'For the Fallen' by Laurence Binyon

To find your local ANZAC Day event for 2024, visit your local shire council website. Better yet, visit your nearest RSL club for news and information on ANZAC Day events happening in your area.

In summary

ANZAC Day marks an important day in history and solidifies the values of endurance, resilience, mateship and good humour in Australian culture.

On April 25 we are reminded of our loyalty to our country and to each other. Be a part of the enveloping sense of unity and pride at an ANZAC Day service or ceremony.

Lest We Forget.